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All subscription fees paid to Coding Pandit Pvt. Ltd. is Non refundable. We do not provide trading tips nor we are investment adviser. We at Coding Pandit are always dedicated towards client satisfaction. Coding Pandit only provides the software services and it works with API. All strategies which are based upon technical analysis are solely the concern of the authorized person. Coding Pandit neither directly nor indirectly is involved in the strategies. 

Our service is solely restricted to automated trading application development, deployment and maintenance. All algorithms are based on backtested data but we do not provide any guarantee for their performance in future. The algorithm running in an automated system is agreed with the user prior deployment and we do not take any liability for any loss generated by the same. Past performance of advise/strategy/model does not indicate the future performance of any current or future strategy/model or advise by Coding Pandit Trades and actual returns may differ significantly from that depicted herein due to various factors including but not limited to impact costs, expense charged, timing of entry/exit, timing of additional flows/redemptions, individual client mandates, specific portfolio construction characteristics etc. There is no assurance or guarantee that the objectives of any strategy/model or advice provided by Coding Pandit Trades will be achieved. Coding Pandit Trades or any of its partner/s or principal officer/employees do not assure/give guarantee for any return on the investment in strategies/models/advice given to the Investor. The value of investment can go up/down depending on factors & forces affecting securities markets. Coding Pandit Trades or its associates are not liable or responsible for any loss or shortfall arising from operations and affected by the market condition.

Coding Pandit is not responsible for any consequences occurring from the strategies of the concerned authorised person. Neither Coding Pandit nor Authorised Person is charging anything for strategy, it is completely free of cost. All the software subscription charges are solely for Software & its maintenance. Coding Pandit is a software service provider and any error due to technical glitches may occur. In case of any query or complaint feel free to drop us a mail on Any dispute is subject to Indore jurisdiction.



All sales are final. Because Coding Pandit offers a Expert Advice evaluation to ensure that our products and services will meet your needs without the need to purchase, there will be ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS and CANCELLATIONS.

Before deciding to subscribe to our services, please make sure to take our Expert Advice, the evaluation version that we provide. We do not offer refunds on subscriptions that have already been taken. We so believe in our services and support.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that before payment, our visitors:-

  • Read all information about our products, services and support given to our clients.
  • Evaluate the quality of our services by taking our Expert Advice.
  • Read all About Us and our technical Team.
  • Read our Terms of Use.
  • Read our Privacy Policy.

Do not allow children or other unauthorized family members or friends to access your credit cards or your account at the payment site to ensure that no one pays for a Membership without your permission. By making a payment for Membership to our site, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the above No Refund and no cancellation Policy.

We do not offer refunds on subscriptions that have already been taken. The movements in stock market are not always predictable and therefore, Make sure you have gone through the disclaimer, terms and conditions and refund policy before proceeding for subscription or making payment for any of our services.